• Role Creative direction
  • Development Værsågod
  • Icons Oda Sofie Granholt

Brathwait was launched 12 months ago with a $80 Wordpress site that was aimed towards selling a very limited product line. Typography, illustrations, pictures and colours were inconsistently used throughout. This significantly reduced the perception of the company and product experience online.

The company was in need of segmenting it ́s products and provide an easy to understand presentation of it ́s transparent retail business model while steel keeping a luxury focus. This focus also had to be converted to high quality packaging to maintain a solid branding experience throughout.

Brathwait create iconic watches dedicated to the world’s first gentleman, Richard Brathwait. Being an inexpensive brand they needed to develope an identity that proves the quality of our products while also being minimalist as our product line.The new design has been developed from this value proposition:

Simple: The Golden Ratio is found in every aspect of our designs.

Achievable: We bypass every middleman between you and the product; never compromising the product quality.

Luxury: We use the same materials as the high-end designer brands, but at a fraction of their price.

Mr. Brathwait is a guiding star in the world of etiquette and proper manners, an art that is now lost. Our star icon is a symbol of a man who practices Brathwait ́s code of conduct.