Making Sense Using Data

  • Agency: INT
  • Art Director: Diogo Valério
  • Role: Concept + Design

When I joined INT, they where doing research on effectiveness vs effectivity. How it has changed over the years and how it translates into business. The point was to make an interactive exhibition about it in October, so I started to do some concepts and visuals on how the identity might look like. 

I was intrigued by the concepf of connecting the dots because of the huge research effort they put in. Also the statistics they have had huge numbers which I also wanted to visualize. I wanted to make an identity that could move and work in all mediums, moving and static.

I also explored some more abstract concepts which where non-technical. Because of the data, I wanted to play around with clustering and generative designs. Some perlins where made in processing, but the final designs where made in After Effects. Color played a huge role in the project and I wanted it to feel dynamic, hence most being gradient-based.