Mountain Milk

  • Year: 2011
  • What: Final exams
  • School: NKF
  • 3D: Tarje Pladsen
  • Role: Everything else

The brief of the final exams was to make a packaging design to something you love. My love for milk is unquestionable so choice of product was easy.

Unfortunately milk never tastes the same outside Norway. The problem I wanted to solve was how would norwegian milk look like, if sold internationally? I love the packaging design of high-end alcohol products – how could this be transfered to milk? The «Voss» brand have had great success with their exclusive norwegian water, internationally. Why wouldn't milk succeed?

The solution gives you a warm and good vintage feeling, while maintaining the exclusive look. The typeface that “Mountain Milk” is set in reflects the roots of Norway, and the image that is revealed after you’ve had a glass gives you a picture of the nature in Norway.”