We are INT

  • Creative directors: Diogo & Håvard
  • Role: AD + design
  • Illustration: Oda Sofie Granholt

The first task I got after joining INT was to finish and supervise the development of our own website. Since the guys started three years ago, they've only had a splash page. 

Since we wanted to have a strong typographic approach, I started with the typography. Previously they used Code Pro and Fedra Sans, which felt outdated and not the right style we were looking for. I Replaced it with Relative which gave us the technical feeling we wanted. It also has nice weights and a monospace system, which fitted ut perfect. I also made adjustments to the logo, to make "INT" more legible.

For the cases we wanted to have a editoral approach and use big hero images to get attention and engage to read on. The cases can be pretty long and lots of text, and we felt that doing an effort on the hero images really awards us in terms of getting the user engaged. 

See it live: www.weareint.io